Full Marathon, Half, and 10K



Results are up!

WHEN: April 3rd, 2021

START TIME: The marathon starts at 7:30am EST. Runners will be released in waves of 30 people every 10 minutes. The Half is projected to start at 8am in waves and the 10K is projected to start at 9am in waves until everyone has started. 

WHERE: North Experimental Forest Main Trailhead (E Dam Rd. Central, SC 29630)

COST: Free! (BYOG) Bring your own gear: food, drinks, whatever you need

REGISTRATION: This google form opens at 12:00am Feb. 1 and closes Friday, March 26th at 11:59pm. 

There will be three porta-potties at the main trailhead!

Make sure you wear a mask before and after the race! Please social distance so we can put on more events like this in the future!  



Registration closes a week early: We will stop allowing participants after March 26th so we have time to create the race waves. 

Staggered Start: We will release runners in waves of 30 people every 10 minutes in an effort to spread people out at the starting line. 

Sanitation: There will be plenty of hand sanitizer available, please use it!

Aid Stations: Volunteers will be wearing gloves and masks. Water will be placed out in paper cups on the table so you can pick it up with minimal contact. 

Masks: Besides when you're racing, we ask that you wear a mask whenever you're anywhere close to people, including right before/after the race. 

Social Distancing: Please stay at least 6ft away from other people 

Spectators: Supporters are allowed, but must wear a mask when in the proximity of other people.